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About ICADFor

ICadFor is the software for design and manufacturing of shoe lasts. Starting from real lasts digitized, the system allows the combination and edition of them using multiple 2D and 3D tools. In addition, ICadFor also works with digital feet, and for this purpose there are different feet specific tools that allow us to carry out very useful comparative studies for the shoe’s customization processes.

Save time, save costs, gain precision

Accelerate the design process and the development of all types of lasts through the use of the most advanced and innovative CAD / CAM solutions on the market, reducing costs, improving quality and increasing the productivity and competitiveness of your business.

The most important features are:

▪ Fast and precise dimensional control of feet and lasts.
▪ Multiple edition options to finally send the lasts to manufacture in machining centres.
▪ Last customization using feet information for analysis and deformation.
▪ Direct communication with Icad3D+, the shoe design, adjustment and pattern making software.

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